Life is good!

Ok. Time to reflect a bit.
It has been one busy summer. Pardon me for saying “has”, but the oldest of my offspring is already back to school as of yesterday, and that means I’m back to lunchmaking-taxi-service-providing-studiotime-juggling mode already.
There was a summertime firing a few weeks ago. Not my favorite thing to do – to sweat 20+ hrs stoking the kiln while it’s already hot outside – but I can’t complain too much. We’ve had unusually low temps this July. I could not get the temperature at the top of the kiln up though. It was the combination of building the front bagwall too low, choking off the top of the kiln with shelves and I think I can also blame the air pressure…
Even though my first reaction is always to be disappointed with the results, here are some examples of what I consider successfull, and which may be the direction the work is heading.









My sis and her boyfriend from Estonia are visiting this summer, so a vacation in Brevard, NC – one of our most favorite places on earth – was in order.





There were hikes, swimming in rivers under a waterfall, ukule playing, Oskar Blues Brewery tour, bonsai exhibit at the arboretum in Asheville and much more, that took place there.

Now we’re back to making pots

hanging out with chickens

and enjoying the rest of the summer, before my trip to Denmark, to the 2’nd European Woodfire Conference! Life is good!


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